News - June 22nd 2024

The funeral of Lillemor McDonald
was held at Hutcliffe Wood Cemetary
on 1st July 2024.

Despite the sad occasion, some of the
original "Hartshead" team were there to
show their respect for a lovely lady.

Remembering Lillemore

James Roberson: Folks - I hear from Glynis Philliskirk via Gerry Kersey that Lillemor MacDonald sadly died this morning….?????? RIP to a legendary lady…?
Mowith: Such sad news ??
Damian Ho S B B Johnson: So sad. What an amazing woman. Thanks for passing on James. RIP Lillemor
Karen Jane Brophy: Terribly terribly sad news ??loved her to bits x
Alan Biggs: What a lovely, classy lady. A great support to Bill around the station, Lillemor befriended everyone she met. Very sad to hear about her passing. Thoughts with Neil & all the family.
Cindy Kent: Oh - sorry to hear. May she rest in peace.
Lindsay Reid: Very sad news.
Darryl Adams: Ditto. R.I.P.
Carole Reid: So sorry not to be seeing  Lillemor again.  She was a great friend to me whilst I worked for Bill. A wonderful woman.
Peter McNerny: Very sad.Thoughts with the family. She was the epitome of grace and elegance. RIP Lillemor.
Stuart Linnell: Such sad news. Bill & Lillemor were both such lovely people and provided huge support and encouragement to all of us in those distant days of the start of Radio Hallam in 1974.
Nigel Dean: Very sad. A lovely lady. Deepest sympathy to Neil & the family.

Hallam Memories
Latest Update - Summer 2024

In October 2024, it will be the 50th anniversary of the launch of the original Radio Hallam (Hartshead)
To that end, a get together for those who worked for Radio Hallam between 1974 and 1991 or were closely associated with it,
is being arranged in Sheffield for September 30th. Many of those eligible to attend should have received an email invitation.
Check your emails for an invite and if you can't find it - send an email to and ask for yours!
A very old list of email addresses was used for sending the invites so don't be offended if you didn't get one!


We are sorry to relate that in August 2022 we lost another of the original "Hartshead" stalwarts - Johnny Moran

Johnny in Radio Hallam "Studio B"

Johnny began his career on Australian radio before joining Radio Luxembourg in 1964. He worked there for two years until moving to the UK in 1966. While on Radio Luxembourg, he was noticed by Melody Maker's The Raver column, which in 1964 dubbed him (perhaps because of his Australian origins) "the second Alan Freeman"

He began his BBC career in 1967, appearing on various Light Programme pop shows. When Radio 1 launched, he became the regular presenter of 'Scene & Heard', a weekly magazine programme about new sounds, pop news, views and interviews, which was broadcast on Saturdays or Sundays from 1967 to 1973. After leaving Radio 1, in 1974 he became a presenter at Sheffield’s Radio Hallam and remained there for over 10 years.

Nowadays, Johnny Moran seems to be one of the more obscure names from the early years of Radio 1 but in the early years of Top Gear, Moran’s Scene and Heard was one of the few Radio 1 programmes which John Peel recommended to his listeners, often at the end of the show.

In 1970, when Peel took a month’s summer holiday, Johnny Moran hosted a show in the Top Gear slot called First Gear, which concentrated on “pre-Beatles pop music”. Peel appreciated the show and on his return from holiday, praised Moran for his efforts, which led to a regular oldies show, All Our Yesterplays, which Johnny Moran presented on Radio 1 on Sunday afternoons in 1970-71. A piece on the show in Melody Maker in February 1971 described it as "one of the most popular pop shows on radio" which "gets a huge postbag from a large listening audience" On the 4 October 1970 All Our Yesterplays, Moran dedicated a record to Peel after the two DJs had played in a Radio 1 football team on the previous day (and lost 6-1 to a London University team).

First Gear was produced by John Walters, who had gained his first experience on Radio I working on Scene and Heard and was the show's main producer from late 1971 to the end of 1972. Other producers who worked on Johnny Moran's shows included Bernie Andrews and Jeff Griffin, who both worked with Peel. (In the piece on All Our Yesterplays mentioned above, Moran told Melody Maker that Bernie Andrews was "invaluable in compiling the programme as many of the records are from his own personal collection"[4]) Scene And Heard's magazine format was adopted by later Radio 1 shows like Rockspeak (produced by Walters and broadcast in the Sounds Of The Seventies Friday night slot from late 1973 until SOTS ended in 1975), Peel's Rock Week and Walters’ Weekly. Johnny Moran was persuaded to move to Radio Hallam when it began broadcasting in 1974 by the Sheffield station's programme director, Peel's former Radio London and Radio 1 colleague Keith Skues.

Click to hear over an hour of Johnny on the Hallam breakfast show from 20th August 1980

Johnny's funeral was held at 3:15pm on Wednesday September 7th 2022 at
Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium, Periwood Ln, Beauchief, Sheffield S8 0HP

As you may know, Bill MacDonald, our former Managing Director,
died on 1st May 2022 - aged 95.

Whilst it was a sad day at his funeral, we also had the chance to meet up with old friends, many from the "Hartshead" days.

The photo below has many old friends we met up with at the subsequent wake.

Our thoughts go out to Lillemore and the family.

Click to hear Bill launch Radio Hallam going 24 hours a day from Sunday October 1st 1978

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Newscene - Last full evening edition presented by Ian Rufus (Head Of News ) - 31st October 1979

If you didn't hear it at the 40th Anniversary party - Click here for the Radio Hallam birthday greeting from Rick Wakeman

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........And at the 40th Anniversary.....

You can download high resolution versions of all of the pictures from the last Hartshead Reunion in a "zip" file thanks to the generosity of Chris Seaman
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