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Some of the Adverts aired on Radio Hallam from 1974 to 1982

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Advert: 4-7-11 

Advert: Ackroyd And Abbott Homes 

Advert: Acres Hotel Barnsley 

Advert: Airplane - Course For Disaster 

Advert: Airplane - Doctor 

Advert: Airplane Ad2 

Advert: Airplane Mayday 2 

Advert: Allied Carpets - Scoop Purchase 

Advert: Allied Carpets Scoop Purchase 

Advert: Almay 

Advert: Anadin - Noisy 

Advert: Armstrong Floors - Kitchen Floor 

Advert: Arndale Fair 

Advert: Arundel Gate Restaurants 

Advert: Ayers Sale 

Advert: B & C Carpets - Avoid Mistakes 

Advert: B & C Carpets 

Advert: B & C Castle House Hoover Promotion 

Advert: B & C Coop - Non Food 

Advert: B & C Coop 

Advert: B&C Cop - Berol Flour 

Advert: Babycham 

Advert: Barclays glued 

Advert: Barclays Student Accounts 

Advert: Barrate Showhome - Bill Oddie 

Advert: Birds Eye Economy Fish Sticks 

Advert: Bradford And Bingley Mortgages 

Advert: Bramalls Gold Room Casanova 

Advert: Bramalls Vauxhall Bedford Opel 

Advert: Bread Upon The Waters 

Advert: Brightside And Carbrook Coop 

Advert: Brillo-001 

Advert: Britain Brothers 

Advert: Brocklehurst of Chesterfield 

Advert: Brook Shaw Ford Fiesta Deals 

Advert: Brook Shaw Service and Spares 

Advert: Burton Trouser Sale 

Advert: Busy Mums Magazine 

Advert: C & A Short Sleeved Shirts 

Advert: Camping Gaz Stoves 

Advert: Cannonball Run 

Advert: Carmen Concert 

Advert: Carnell Tours 

Advert: Carpet Centre Eckington 

Advert: Challenge - Out-take UpAndReady 

Advert: Charles Klinkard Shoes glued 

Advert: Churnberry Windows 

Advert: Churnberry 

Advert: Clumber Farm 

Advert: Cole Brothers - Clearance Until 22nd July 

Advert: Cole Brothers Clearance Bargains 

Advert: Corsica Holidays 

Advert: Country Life Butter 

Advert: Croft Original 

Advert: Cup A Soup 

Advert: D C Cook - Bike Deals 

Advert: Daily Mirror - Angela Rippon 

Advert: Damart Shop 

Advert: David Christopher 

Advert: Debenhams 

Advert: Don Valley Discount 

Advert: Dunbrook Masterfit Revolution 

Advert: Dunbrook Masterfit 

Advert: Eastwood Home Improvements 

Advert: Egg and Chips 

Advert: Egg Recipies Crack A Meal 

Advert: Eggs - Egg and Chips 

Advert: Eggs - Hotpot for 4 

Advert: Eggs - I Like Eggs 

Advert: Eggs - Sgt Major 

Advert: Eggs - You Have The Beginnings 

Advert: Electroral register 

Advert: Elseve Balsam 

Advert: Emgas Flavel Debonair 

Advert: EMI Soundhog Cassettes 

Advert: EverReady 

Advert: Faberge 

Advert: Fiat Strada 

Advert: Fiesta - 4 Tops 

Advert: Fiesta - Special Shows 

Advert: Fiests - Jack Jones 

Advert: Findus Fish Double Deckers 

Advert: Fire Service Engineers 

Advert: Fletchers - Reshaped Sliced Loaves 

Advert: Fletchers Cakes Of All Sorts 

Advert: Fletchers 

Advert: Fosset And Thorn - Supethorn 

Advert: Fosset and Thorne 

Advert: Fred Hartley 

Advert: Fred Wilson - Talbot Sunbeam 

Advert: Furnishing World Rotherham 

Advert: Furniture Factoprs Bedding 

Advert: Get The Most From Your Post - Gran 

Advert: Golden Rail Holidays 

Advert: Gordon Lamb Camping 

Advert: Gregory And Dench Renault 

Advert: Gregory And Dench 

Advert: Grosvenor Estates 

Advert: GT Cars - Renault 

Advert: GT Cars - X Reg Renault 

Advert: H R Wholesale 

Advert: Halifax Building Society Pirates 

Advert: Happy Nights Teen Disco 

Advert: Harp Lager 

Advert: Harts Bank Holiday 

Advert: Hawleys Soft Bake 

Advert: Heatguard 

Advert: Hillards 

Advert: Hoover Try Anything 

Advert: IBA Year Book - Teleevision And Radio 1977 

Advert: James Cycles 

Advert: Jobfinder - JH - SF-5th April 1978 

Advert: Juicy Fruit - Packet Full Of Sunshine 

Advert: K Shoes Pinstone Street 

Advert: K-TEL Theme Tunes 

Advert: Kellogs Corn Flakes Country Rock 

Advert: Kellogs Corn Flakes 

Advert: Kirkby Central Rotherham 

Advert: KitEKat 

Advert: Kraft Cheese Slices 

Advert: Lavers Christmas Hamper Offer 

Advert: Lavers Wood 

Advert: Lex Brookland Volvo 

Advert: Limit Club - West Street 

Advert: Lloyds Bank - New Student Account 

Advert: Lloyds Bank Student Bank - Not Dad 

Advert: Lord Of The Rings - Gaumont 

Advert: Marina Holidays 

Advert: Marshalls Chunky Chicken 

Advert: Mattocks 

Advert: MBR Catering 

Advert: MFI Sale Forever 

Advert: Milk Competition 

Advert: Miners Skin Care 

Advert: Miss Kellys Eye 1981 

Advert: Mothercare Back To School 

Advert: Natwest Student Card 

Advert: Nescore 

Advert: North Central Heating 

Advert: North Homes = 3 New sites 

Advert: Oats Builders Merchants 

Advert: Orton Motor Sales 

Advert: Outtake - B&C Coop 

Advert: Ovaltine 

Advert: Owlerton Stock Cars 

Advert: Oxleys Of Broomhill 

Advert: P A Jewellery 

Advert: PAL 

Advert: Pan Paperbacks - Day Of Judgement 

Advert: Papermate Replay Ballpoint 

Advert: Pecks - Bridal Shopping 

Advert: Pecks Dress Offer 

Advert: Pecks of Rotherham 

Advert: Pedigree Chum 

Advert: Pepsi Cola - Summertime Blues 2 

Advert: Pepsi Cola - Summertime Blues 

Advert: Persil Free Train Tickets  

Advert: Ponsfords G Plan 

Advert: Portland Autos - Great Used Ca 

Advert: Portland Autos Datsun 

Advert: Post - Recorded Delivery 

Advert: Presto Price Blitz 

Advert: Pretty Polly - Galaxy Tights 

Advert: Promotocar 

Advert: Quadrophenia 

Advert: Queensway Furniture 

Advert: Queensway June Specials 

Advert: Radiant Superglaze 

Advert: Radio Guide - March Issue 

Advert: Remington M3 

Advert: Ritz Crackers 

Advert: Robirch Saussages 

Advert: Rotel HiFi -- South Yorkshire HiFi Exhibition 

Advert: Rotters Doncaster 

Advert: Royal Mail 

Advert: S & E Coop Treble Stamps 

Advert: Schreiber Free Hotpoint 

Advert: Sellout 

Advert: Shaw Brothers Homes 

Advert: Sheaf Motors 

Advert: Sheffield Show - The Star 

Advert: Shell - Bargains 

Advert: Shell - Jubilee 

Advert: Shelll - Scottish 

Advert: Sherwood Steak House Hathersage 

Advert: Simon Computer Game 

Advert: South Yorkshire Caravans-001 

Advert: South Yorkshire Caravans-002 

Advert: Spar 

Advert: St Ivel Gold Spread 

Advert: Stanley Strawberries 

Advert: Star - Jobs 

Advert: Star Bonanza Bargains 

Advert: Stardops - Cleaning Business 

Advert: Stardrops for Floors 

Advert: Steve Williams Trail - Charlie Dore 

Advert: Stockton 

Advert: Stork Margarine 

Advert: Suggs Sports 

Advert: Supasave 

Advert: Swiggies 

Advert: Take The Train 

Advert: Target DIY - Finest Ever Sale Jackpot 

Advert: Target DIY Right Time 

Advert: Target DIY Sale 

Advert: Target DIY 

Advert: Target Kitchen Showroom 

Advert: Tarmac Homes 

Advert: Taxi Driver and Midnight Express 

Advert: Tesco 

Advert: Texas Instruments TI30 

Advert: The Green Un 

Advert: The Star - Money Savng Tokens 

Advert: Tom Caxton 

Advert: Tony Christie Album 

Advert: Towngate - Datsun Deals 

Advert: Towngate - Used Cars Test Drive 

Advert: Towngate Motors - Try Before You Buy - V 

Advert: Towngate Motors 

Advert: Townsend Thoresen 

Advert: Treadaire Underlay 

Advert: Videoplus 

Advert: Visionhire Free TV Licence 

Advert: Volvo - Arthur Daley 

Advert: VP 

Advert: Walkers - Animal Vegetable Mineral 

Advert: Walkers - Fancy A Crisp Jeremy 

Advert: Walkers - Too Delicious For Words 

Advert: Walkers Crips Appealing 

Advert: Walkers Crisps - Fancy Something 

Advert: Walkers Crisps - Verily 

Advert: Walkers Crisps Art Gallery 

Advert: Walshs Fur Remodelling 

Advert: Waring And Gillow Carpets 

Advert: Wellmar 

Advert: Western Jean Company 

Advert: Who Dares Wins 

Advert: Wilkinsons Schreiber 

Advert: Windsor House Carpets 

Advert: Woolco - Mothers Day 

Advert: Woolco - Saturday Night Fever 

Advert: Woolco Furniture Event 

Advert: Woolco Furniture 

Advert: Woolco Offers 

Advert: Woolco Saturday Spectacular - John Cross 

Advert: Woolco Saturday Spectacular - Paul Kaye 

Advert: Woolworth Treat Yourself 

Advert: Yorkie Bar - Moving On 

Advert: Young Rascals